How to Make a DYI Brick Oven

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Let me show you how to make an outdoor brick oven for your grill. It’s a simple and inexpensive DIY project. Use it to make brick oven pizza, homemade bread, and many other things, too!

The other day we got a wild hair and decided after watching a cooking show to make our own pizza oven. It was simple really.

Outdoor brick oven for your grill

Just head over to your local Home Depot and purchase 18 clay bricks. Get the ones that are half the width of regular red clay bricks. Then line the sides and bottom of your grill and voila! Instant brick oven.

It cost about .17 cents a brick, too. Nothing to it. If you have a tile saw you could also make the 2 side ones that ended where the lid closed cut on the diagonal to seal the deal nicely.

Luckily I live with a general contractor who has all the tools, so I was in!

Bricks to make grill pizza Oven



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  1. Hi Kevin. I like this idea. So, am I correct in assuming that you assemble the “pizza oven” every time you want to bake a pizza pie, then take it down so you can use your BBQ traditionally?

  2. Hi there. I know your post was at least a couple of years old but… are you still using this? Would you make any changes? Also, when you lower the lid does the lid meet the side bricks on top? I can’t quite tell how it fits into the grill with the lid on. Thanks! Love the idea.

    1. I think in one of the photos it shows the side front bricks have been cut at an angle to assist in lid closing. I used to put it together whenever I need it since I grill often. Recently though I purchased a pizza oven. Hope this helps Anna.

  3. I like your idea, but the pop up ads covering the page made it impossible for me to continue. I would like to see the finished product.

    1. John, thanks for stopping by the site and commenting. I don’t have pop up ads on my site. I find them just as irritating as you. I think you might look into your computer possibly having a virus?
      I had 2 friends look up my site, and that post specifically, from different areas in the country and one being a Mac and one a PC, and they found no pop up ads like you did. Good luck!

      1. The only pop up I saw was for your newsletter. I just forwarded your post to my husband. I am always talking about making a brick oven. Your example finally looks like something doable for us. Thank you for sharing.